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If you are in the Philippines and are looking for goats or rabbits, check out my friends site.


First, I am not going to get into the very basics of aquaponics, like “what is aquaponics?” There are too many places online for that and other information. Here is a good FAQ page.

On Joy of Keeping Chickens, we want to focus on what we are planning, which is more than just raising chickens. Hopefully, those of you who are interested in starting an aquaponics system in Cambodia, will be able to benefit mostly from this. However, if Chan and I can help others around the world as well, we are certainly open to doing that as well.

Let’s jump right in here. The plan is to grow as healthy food as possible, for us to consume at Chan’s farm. If it helps us on our trek to self-sustainability, I will be as happy as a tick on a dog’s back. I want to eat healthier vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, etc. The main way to achieve that goal, is to grow it ourselves. (My deal with Chan is, I will grow it and she will harvest and prepare it. She seems fine with that.)

One step to a healthier diet is an aquaponics system. Attached is an image of the planned layout.


Grow area will be 4 meters by 3 meters.
Main fish tank – 1022 liters
DWC – 900 liters (3 – 300 liter beds)
Grow Bed Barrels – 520 liters (5 – 104 liter barrels)
Sump – 208 liters (1 – 208 liters barrel)
Radial Flow Filter – 40 liters (2 – 20 liters filters)