… we might as well use it for something in addition to our current farm. We already have chickens, ducks and cows. Now, we are looking at what we can expand to, primarily for our own self-sustainability.

  1. Aquaponics
  2. Pigs
  3. Bee Hives
  4. Machinery
  5. Goats, possibly?


Looks like we are on the way to making improvements at the farm, so we can live out there full time. This will give us a chance to really get the farm off the ground. If we are there full time, we can keep a closer eye on what is happening. We will also be able to save money each month, money that we currently spend on a second place to live, electricity, water, etc., etc., etc.

We have completed the first step on the long road to construct our home there. For starters, we turned this:
image (3)_r

Into this:

No worry, though. During the process of filling in the “old” pond, we have started on a journey with a “new” pond:

The “old” pond was about 19 meters long, by 9 meters wide. The “new” pond, so far, is 12 meters long, by 10 meters wide. Its size will be increased as we need more fill dirt for other areas of the farm.

Paul & Chan