Can chickens eat corn husks? Should I Worry? (Read This Guide)


An often asked question by chicken keepers is whether or not chickens can eat corn husks. The answer to this question is that they can, but it’s important to note that there are some risks involved in doing so.

Corn husks don’t have any nutritional value for chickens except for providing them with a little bit of fiber if you feed them sparingly. However, Chickens are highly adaptive creatures and can even eat corn husks. They don’t have many nutritional benefits, but they’re safe for chickens to munch on!

so can chickens eat corn husks?

Chickens can eat corn husks, the green leaves on the outside of a corncob! From there they’ll take to pecking at their favorite food – kernels. Chickens are not picky and will devour almost anything that is edible.

In this case, chickens can eat corncobs. Chickens will devour almost anything that is edible, but there are a few exceptions to the rule. The most notable of these exceptions would be corn silk – chickens have no idea what to do with themselves when it comes around and they end up spending more time trying to figure out how-to to the pointy, fluffy corn silk.

health benefits of husks for chickens

The husks are the leftover bits of corn that you, unfortunately, have to discard at a poultry farm. They’re not exactly what I would call nutritious, but they make an excellent supplement for birds and chickens in particular because their digestive tracts can easily break down any tough cellulose fibers found within them.

Will whole corn hurt chickens?

You could boil them to soften them or puree them down, they’ll eat it then. You can also chop the husks up into smaller pieces and feed those small pieces of food that way if you’re not sure about their crop size.

If you want to give your pet some extra fiber, or just have an unusual snack with them on a rainy day, try feeding your favorite featured friend the outer shell of what was once their food. They’ll definitely enjoy it!

Will chickens eat corn husks and silk?

Chickens can still devour the husks, silks, and cobs, however, if you’re lucky enough to have corn worms they will enjoy those too!

Do chickens eat corn silk?

Chickens love corn kernels that are leftover from humans, and mine will eat the long strands of silk covering them.

What can chickens not eat List!

1.Sugary, Greasy and Fatty Food

While it may be tempting to lavish your favorite chicken with all the fast food and syrup-heavy sodas you’ve been denying yourself, this isn’t what chickens crave. Chickens are picky eaters by nature that prefer a healthier diet of grains (such as wheat), corn, oats, and sunflower seeds in addition to fruits like apples or oranges


Raw beans can be very harmful to chickens. The high concentration of phytic acid in raw beans makes them toxic and even deadly to our feathered friends, causing major health complications such as digestive problems or organ failure.

Even though they are a great source of protein and nutrients, we should never feed uncooked beans to the hens because it will hurt their stomachs due to how acidic they are on an empty stomach!


Some people love chocolate, but it is important to know that if you’re an animal lover and want a pet in your home, this may not be the best choice. Theobromine (and caffeine) are toxic substances found in most types of chocolate. These can seriously harm pets such as chickens, dogs, and cats who don’t have a higher tolerance for these compounds because their organs do not filter them out as we humans’ do.

So when choosing between giving up on having any animals or chugging down Kit-Kats every day– pick one!

4.Coffee or tea

The pleasures of a nice cuppa are not all that chooks enjoy. Tea and coffee also contain caffeine, which is toxic to poultry. So it’ll come as no surprise these beverages can be lethal for our feathered friends too!

5.Avocado (mostly the pit and peel)

Avocado pits can be dangerous for chickens, cats, and other pets. The flesh is safe to eat, but the pit contains a toxin called persin that could potentially make your pet sick or even kill it if ingested in large enough quantities.

What can chickens eat List!


There are thousands of fruits that can be eaten, but these few have been found to offer the most benefits. Some popular types include bananas, figs, apples, and oranges; berries such as blackberries or raspberries, and mangoes.

Fruits contain various amounts of carbohydrates in them which is good for chickens’ health because it takes a lot of calories from their bodies just living day-to-day lives!


Feeding your hens with high-quality grain combinations that contain corn or wheat will make sure they get the proper nutritional variety as well as provide a good source of energy to stay healthy and active all day long through plenty of exercises!


If you want to give your chickens a way to get their veggies in, try growing some vegetables for them! Some of the best choices are cabbage, broccoli, and carrots.

Conclusion: can chickens eat corn on the cob?

Chickens are highly adaptive creatures and can even eat corn husks. They don’t have many nutritional benefits, but they’re safe for chickens to munch on!