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About us

The joy of keeping chickens is a website for anyone interested in learning more about the pleasures and benefits of raising backyard of keeping chickens is a family-run blog about raising chickens. Run by a family of chicken keepers, joyofkeepingchickens was created as an outlet for learning and sharing knowledge on the care and handling of backyard poultry. We focus more on how to raise chickens rather than what breeds are best or which birds lay the most eggs. Our goal is to create a community that supports one another in their individual goals with respect and understanding, whether you’re just starting out or have been raising your flock for years!

we thought it’d be interesting (and funny)to buy different breeds together as one big flock…

We were lucky enough to have the best possible start, by having an amazing local farm store where we could go for advice and supplies. They even had someone on staff who sold eggs once a week. We fell in love with our fluffy feathered friends and started documenting their antics on this blog, sharing what we learned along the way. Plus they make great eating, so that was definitely another bonus!