Can Chickens Eat bird seed? Everything You Should Know


What is bird seed and what are its benefits for chickens?

Bird seed is a pellet which contains ground up ingredients from the different types of seeds, grains and more. These can be great additions to your flock’s diet and provide them with nutrients they need for strong feathers! Let’s look at the benefits of feeding chicken bird seed.

Bird seeds contain a variety of nutrients that can contribute to your chickens overall health and development.

· Vitamin A is an antioxidant which helps with cell structure, immune function and reproduction.

· B vitamins help convert food into energy, allowing the body to grow and release energy from its foods.

· Vitamin E strengthens red blood cells and aids in immunity, embryonic development and sperm production.

· Selenium works as an antioxidant for cell growth and tissue repair, supporting a healthy heart and strong eggs!

Some ingredients within bird seed are very similar those found in chicken feed such as oats, corn or wheat.

When adding any new food source to your bird’s diet you should gradually incorporate it into their menu.

Introduce bird seed slowly, a little bit at a time and watch for any signs of digestive upset or illness. If this occurs remove that food source from your birds diet immediately.

The best way to offer bird seeds to chickens is free feeding. With free choice chicken feeders the birds can help themselves as they please when they are hungry!

We have everything from galvanized feeders including hanging ones, to modern sleek basins which will look great in your coop! Whatever your needs, we can help out!

Multiple different foods benefit chickens and cause no harm when provided with care and attention to their health and development. Be sure you’re providing a complete nourishing diet for your birds by introducing bird seed into their menu!

What should you not feed chickens?

There are a lot of things you should avoid feeding chickens, including:

· Spoiled or moldy food;

· Food with high levels of sugars;

·chocolate and caffeine;

· Vegetables high in oxalic acid , including rhubarb.

· Foods with citrus pith or seeds such as oranges or grapefruit. These contain oils that can be harmful to your flock!

.Avocado pits and skin contain toxins which may cause illness, so avoid these completely!

There are a lot of different things you should not feed chickens. Be sure to research any new food source before offering it to your birds! Now we know what we CAN feed chickens let’s look at what you SHOULDN’T.

There is some good news- bird seed is on the approved list! This means you can add this healthy treat into your chicken’s diet without worry! They will love you

· Meat and dairy (some exceptions apply).

What you should feed your chickens?

There are a lot of different foods that are safe to feed your chickens. It is really up to you- just be sure what you’re feeding them is safe and healthy!

You should feed your flock:

vegetables such as lettuce and spinach in moderation.

· Fruit in moderation such as berries and apples, but not citrus fruits .

grain products such as bread or cereal! As much as your chickens love these things they don’t contain the nutrients they need for good health.

nuts such as peanuts- just be sure to remove any shells before giving them to your birds! This will protect them from choking .

fruits and vegetables in moderation.

seed mixes are a great addition to your flock’s diet. Be sure it is free of mold before feeding!

feed made for chickens with ingredients you recognize and trust- there are plenty on the market to choose from!

Do remember that just like humans, some chickens may not be able to process certain foods without causing them health problems.

Always ensure what you feed your birds is safe and healthy, don’t go serving them anything dangerous or unhealthy but they will thank you when their coats glisten and their eggs glow brighter than ever before!

And always check out our wide selection of chicken feeders for the best ways to keep your hens well fed! There are so many options available,

conclusion- Can Chickens Eat bird seed?

Yes! Adding bird seed to your chicken’s diet can provide them with important nutrients. Birds should be provided flint corn, whole oats, wheat and other healthy ingredients found in different types of bird seeds.

These foods should be introduced gradually into their diet as they are new additions.

Provide birds with food sources free choice so that they may eat as much or as little as they please!