Can chickens eat corn on the cob?


can chickens eat corn on the cob? The age-old question of whether or not chickens can eat corn on the cob has been debated for centuries.

As with most things, there are varying opinions on the matter. Some say that it is a great healthy treat while others argue that it will cause digestive issues and should be avoided at all costs. Take your pick!

so can chickens eat corn on the cob?

The moment they see a cob of corn, the birds go wild. It’s like it was their birthday and you’re about to reveal all your presents!

They strip away as fast as possible with some pretty impressive moves. The more I watch them peck at that juicy ear of corn, the more certain am I: these are happy chickens indeed!

Chickens love corn on the cob. I can’t believe it! They’ll eat corn off the cob and they’ll even peck at kernels of corn that have fallen to the ground in my backyard. 

This is great because I always had some leftover ears of corn from when we go out for dinner as a family, so now I don’t waste any food.

Chickens are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and animals.

Corn on the cob would be a great treat for your chickens as long as you remove the husk first. -You can feed it to the whole or cut it in half so they don’t have to work too hard eating it.

health benefits of corn for chickens

Chickens are known to be the most common bird kept as pets.  If you have a backyard chicken farm and want to give these chickens something special, then corn on the cob is perfect for them!

They’ll love it because of its high protein content that will keep their metabolism running smoothly through the cold months and help fight boredom if they’re cooped up too long.

Will whole corn hurt chickens?

Whole corn is a great way to supplement your chickens’ diet but there are some nuts and bolts that you should know before including shelled corn in their food. While whole, unprocessed kernels have all the nutrients needed for hens;

when it comes down to comparing them with other grains like oats or barley which provide more protein than just about any grain, they don’t measure up.

The good news? Aside from being cheaper per pound than processed feed products on average (even if not always), these types of ingredients can be used as treats too!

Is it OK to feed chickens sweet corn?

Sweetcorn is a cheap, healthy treat for your chickens! Not only does it help their vision stay sharp and prevent cataracts from developing in the future, but feeding this corn to them also keeps pests away.

They’ll love pecking at you as they gobble up these kernels of deliciousness.

Sweetcorn is an inexpensive yet tasty way to provide your flock with extra nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin – two phytochemicals that can keep chicken’s eyesight strong and ward off blindness or other eye problems down the line.

By mixing some sweet corn into their feed pellets or giving it straight out of hand (from cobs!), you’ll ensure both nutritional needs are satisfied while providing entertainment too!

What Age Can chickens eat corn on the cob?

After just 9 weeks, your chickens can gobble whole corn right out of the cob!

Can chickens eat cooked corn?

If you’re looking for an easy way to give your chickens a variety of fresh food, look no further than the produce section at any grocery store.

Corn is great raw or cooked and can be fed as-is or ground up into cornmeal by lightly sprinkling it onto some cookie sheets in batches then baking until crunchy but not burned.

Fruits are also excellent options; most fruit aside from berries should be fine (even those with seeds!). Try apples, melons, even watermelon rinds!

What can chickens not eat List!

1.Sugary, Greasy and Fatty Food

While it may be tempting to lavish your favorite chicken with all the fast food and syrup-heavy sodas you’ve been denying yourself, this isn’t what chickens crave.

Chickens are picky eaters by nature that prefer a healthier diet of grains (such as wheat), corn, oats, and sunflower seeds in addition to fruits like apples or oranges


Raw beans can be very harmful to chickens. The high concentration of phytic acid in raw beans makes them toxic and even deadly to our feathered friends, causing major health complications such as digestive problems or organ failure.

Even though they are a great source of protein and nutrients, we should never feed uncooked beans to the hens because it will hurt their stomachs due to how acidic they are on an empty stomach!


Some people love chocolate, but it is important to know that if you’re an animal lover and want a pet in your home, this may not be the best choice.

Theobromine (and caffeine) are toxic substances found in most types of chocolate.

These can seriously harm pets such as chickens, dogs, and cats who don’t have a higher tolerance for these compounds because their organs do not filter them out as we humans’ do.

So when choosing between giving up on having any animals or chugging down Kit-Kats every day– pick one!

4.Coffee or tea

The pleasures of a nice cuppa are not all that chooks enjoy.

Tea and coffee also contain caffeine, which is toxic to poultry. So it’ll come as no surprise these beverages can be lethal for our feathered friends too!

5.Avocado (mostly the pit and peel)

Avocado pits can be dangerous for chickens, cats, and other pets.

The flesh is safe to eat, but the pit contains a toxin called persin that could potentially make your pet sick or even kill it if ingested in large enough quantities.

What can chickens eat List!


There is a myriad of delicious fruits that provide the perfect balance to your chicken’s diet. Some popular choices include bananas, figs, apples, and oranges. However, some less common ones can be just as well such as berries or melons!


Feeding your chickens whole grains like corn is a great idea because it provides such an array of nutrients, makes them work for their food, and promotes natural pecking behavior.

Feeding your hens with high-quality grain combinations that contain corn or wheat will make sure they get the proper nutritional variety as well as provide a good source of energy to stay healthy and active all day long through plenty of exercises!


The vegetables your chickens can enjoy are many and varied. Cabbage, broccoli, carrots – these particular veggies taste delicious to most people!

The best thing you can do for your chicken is cooked it a healthy meal using just the right ingredients.

Conclusion: can chickens eat corn on the cob?

Yes, absolutely they can. Corn is a great treat for chickens, as they’ve been eating it their whole lives.

Corn provides high levels of protein and other nutrients that are necessary to maintain good health in the birds.

Give this fun food sparingly but often enough so your flock can enjoy something different once in a while!