Can Chickens Eat Yogurt?


In this post, I will be discussing whether or not chickens can eat yogurt. Did you know that chickens can eat yogurt? Chickens are omnivores, meaning they will eat anything and everything. Yogurt is a dairy product, so it contains lactose which means it cannot be eaten by most animals.

However, because of the probiotics in yogurt and other benefits like vitamin D from the sun’s rays, many people feed their chickens yogurt for its health benefits.

I always thought it was pointless to feed yogurt or fermented milk products to chickens as they don’t have the enzyme necessary for proper digestion, but after doing some research I found that there are actually benefits.

I’ve never fed my hens any dairy products because most of what’s in them is wasted on a chicken who can’t digest lactose anyway. But then I did some digging and discovered that giving your poultry these foods has many advantages!

What type of yogurt can chickens eat?

Yogurt is such a delicious and healthy treat for chickens that it’s hard to believe they don’t know what we do. Did you know? Feeding them yogurt can help make their digestion easier! Normally, when the chicken has too much bacteria in its gut, food will not digest properly.

But thanks to some plain yogurt on top of everything else your hens eat – whether hay or pellets- this problem disappears like magic.

It doesn’t take long before your flock starts feeling better than ever because now that those pesky bugs are gone from all over their bellies, even soft vegetables should be no match at all!

Yogurt makes keeping chickens easy by making sure they’re getting enough nutrients without any harmful effects.

How do you feed chickens yogurt?

The easiest way to clean out your pet’s bowls is with water. Put a small amount of the yogurt in each bowl and watch it fly everywhere! Be sure not to use any heavy, round containers or you’ll have some messy cleanup on your hands later.

Remember that when feeding them again, give fresh water every time; this will ensure they stay hydrated throughout their day too!

You Might see backyard keepers go so far as creating exceptions for their pets like making treats just for them – all because of how much we love our feathered friends.

what should you feed your feathered friends instead?


One of the best things you can do for your chickens is to provide them with some delicious, nutritious fruit.

There are many different kinds that they will enjoy and eat quickly like apricots, pears, lemons and oranges. Try bananas or any other favorite type of fruit!

Fruit should be a big part in your chicken feed because it’s loaded with vitamins as well as minerals which help keep their feathers shiny too!

The great thing about fruits is there really isn’t just one kind that works either – try giving out something sweet like an orange or sour apple; then move on to applesauce next time.

Grains .

Grains are an important part of any chicken’s diet. It gives them something to peck at and scratch around for while they take a break from their busy day, in which the eagle eye will often spy some tasty grubs or bugs hiding!

The most common grains that chickens eat include wheat, corn, oatmeal- all super healthy choices for these feathered friends.


Vegetables are a great way to add flavor and nutrients into your chicken dish. Veggies like sweet potatoes, carrots tops, cabbage and jicama will give you the vitamins you need without adding too many calories.

Conclusion: Can Chickens Eat Yogurt?

Yogurt is rich in probiotics which are beneficial for digestion and gut health.

However, it also contains a lot of sugar from the artificial flavors so I would not recommend feeding your flock yogurt on a regular basis – particularly if they suffer with digestive issues or an upset stomach because this will exacerbate their symptoms due to its highly sugary content.