Rumpless Araucana-Everything You Need To Know


Rumpless Araucana is one of the extraordinary domestic chickens. They are an amiable breed. You will find Araucana a calm and lovely bird. They are naturally attracted to people and like to move around children too. They can also be quiet, shy, and very timid chickens. 

Araucana chickens were discovered in Chili. They are fun-loving, fascinating birds with lots of funny quirks. You won’t find such quality in any other chicken breed. It lays blue-shelled eggs, one of the very few breeds that do so. Breed standards for the Araucana vary from country to country.

Tufts are unique to Araucanas and are composed of a group of feathers. Rumpless Araucana breed is two different sexes of the same chicken. They are not recognized by different names.

Gallina Mapuche, Mapuche fowl, and south America Rumpless. The Araucana roosters have more pointed and longer hackle feathers, whereas the females have got prominently shorter and rounded hackle feathers.


The Rumpless Araucana is from Northern Chile, entered North America. They are the breeds of two distinct; the rumples Araucana and the Araucana.

Most people get confused between these two breeds because they both lay blue eggs, but the breeds are different. The rumples have a pea comb and have no tail. They are known for their facial feathering (tufts).

The rumples breed called walle Kiki, or Persian Rumpless, was introduced by the Dutch during the colonial period and became widespread. The Araucana Indians preferred this trait since they believed that the lack of tail feathers made it harder for predators to catch them.

It’s suspected that this breed is a combination of colonial and questioning chickens of Chile.

Most sources state that the breed was first created in 1918. Yet, another version of their history suggests that Micronesian Islanders brought them across the Pacific Ocean. So, the exact origin is unknown.


The Rumpless Araucana is a truly unique breed. They have no beard. They also have tufted ears and a tufted rump. The tufts of feathers grow from the ear lobe on the side of the bird’s head. They are rumpled.


The APA recognizes five colors of Araucana: Black, Black Breasted Red, Golden Duck wing, Silver Duck wing, and White. They have a blue layer of egg with yellowish skin.

No Tails with Ear Tufts

These birds may not have tails like the phoenix chicken, but they have ear tufts. Araucan can possess ear tufts, which are feathers that grow from a slender, fleshy flap just below the ear.

Araucan can possess ear tufts, which are feathers that grow from a slender, fleshy flap just below the ear. Their ear tufts always curl, which adds character to a flock. Their lack of tails may be weird, but they always make for interesting conversations with your visitors.


Araucana is a reasonably small-sized chicken. Araucana has a very small appearance due to its lack of tail.


The weight of an adult Araucana is 5 pounds. On the other side, the female Araucana’s weight is around 4 pounds.

Notable Distinctive Features

The Araucana has thick facial feathers. They have a small crest on their heads. They don’t have wallets. The blue-green egg is colored right through the shell so that even the inside is just as blue as the outside.

They are lovely and are an amiable breed, and generally, the cocks are not too aggressive. They are crested with earmuffs and are active and alert.

Rumples Araucanas are very timid, shy chickens but easily handled. They can also be quite inquisitive. However, they follow you around the garden.

Araucana chicken is a beautiful bird and a great mother. They take care of their chicks very well. Araucana chicken is a very good forager.

They have tufts and are rumples (have no tail and the complete absence of a tail bone). Their tufts grow from a protuberance (or fringelike appendage) around the ear lobes or neck area.

Egg Facts

Rumpless Araucanas lay 250 eggs per year. They lay eggs in blue and green-tinted. Araucana eggs are usually blue like a robin’s egg or light green.

When Araucana lay blue eggs, a gorgeous surprise in your nesting box beside the plain brown eggs. These eggs are considered medium-sized.

These birds were aptly named Easter Eggers due to their unique colored eggs. The hens only lay their eggs during the summer and spring months.

If you see khaki or olive eggs in color, it might suggest that the hens were crossed with other chicken breeds. The rumpless Araucana consistently produces those beautiful robins-egg blue eggs.

As mentioned, the production of the Araucana eggs is about 250 eggs per year. Less than 30 eggs compared to one of the heritage breed layers, the Plymouth Rock. The eggs are considered medium-sized.

Personality & Temperament

Rumpless Araucana chickens have sweet, docile personalities and come in a wide variety of colors. These chickens are quiet. Their sounds are like ordinary chicken, like egg songs and chatter in the coop. There’s a lot of dispute about the breed’s temperature.

Most chickens are friendly and love to be handled. They’re even well-behaved around children. However, there is always a chance they could be more hesitant. It depends on their DNA and how they’re raised.

Araucana chickens are very strong, grow faster, and chicks get mature quickly. They are peaceful birds, vigorous and attractive. They are proved to be excellent mothers.

They like to have fresh grass. This breed is great for all types of weather conditions. They originated in warm areas, but they’re hardy birds that thrive in cold climates too.



The breeding of Araucanas is an excellent kind of bird. Araucana is a special breed that is highly known for its blue eggs and different abilities.

The rumpless Araucana is a wonderful chicken breed, which is why it is considered one of the liked chicken breeds. Hope now you have a piece of deep knowledge about the Araucana breed, including history, appearance, temperament, size, color, and egg-laying capabilities.