Can chicken eat celery? health benefits of celery for chickens


The idea of whether or not a chicken can eat celery has been the topic of many debates. Some people say that it is fine to give your chickens some celery because they are naturally herbivores and will only chew on the leaves, while others believe that there is too much potential for them to choke on the stalk and cause themselves harm.

This article will determine whether or not you should feed your chickens celery as well as what other vegetables you might want to consider giving them instead.

There are many different opinions about if a chicken can eat celery and in this blog, I have shared my opinion about which side I agree with.

Celery contains calcium which helps keep their bones strong so long as it

So can chicken eat celery?

Yes, celery is healthy for us and chickens. It actually contains relatively fewer calories and high in antioxidants, vitamins A-K, minerals like calcium–all the good stuff! What’s more?

Celery contains 12 different types of antioxidants that help protect your body from free radicals.

If you’re a chicken farmer looking to give his hens some extra nutrients while still keeping them on their toes with lots of exercise outside (trust me),

I recommend serving up fresh celery sticks as often as possible!

Can chickens eat celery scraps?

The chickens in your coop are not going to be happy if you don’t feed them the right things.

Chickens enjoy eating celery and other scraps, but they need a healthy diet of commercial food as well so that their body is strong enough for all those hours spent scratching around out there looking for bugs!

should chickens eat the root, leaves, stalk and perhaps pulp?

Feeding table scraps to your chicks can be tricky. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t give it to them!

However, a few exceptions are the stalks and leaves of celery plants which actually contain more vitamins than other parts for chickens.

The root is also edible but has a denser texture that may taste better if tried first before feeding too much raw food with no nutritional value as only an occasional treat.—

There’s some general rules when giving feed-scraps of any kind:

Feed what you would willingly put in your mouth because these items provide little nutrition or enjoyment for chickens vs fresh veggies such as carrots like shown here – where they’re given chopped carrot tops (not just the roots).

best way to feed celery to chickens

Take a loot at the expiration date

After you’ve checked the expiration date, make sure to check your fruit and vegetables for mold.

Just because chickens are able to eat celery that’s past its prime doesn’t mean they should be eating veggies or fruits with rot in them! If it looks like something is starting to grow on top of what was once a delicious apple – throw it out immediately before any harm can happen.

slicing up the celery

A celery dish is a common side for dinner, and while the taste may not be familiar to your chickens at first, they will eventually adapt. You can encourage this by chopping up their celery before serving it.

Always make sure to Feed In Moderation

Are you worried that your chickens are not getting a well-rounded diet? If they go crazy for something like celery, it may be best to reduce how much of this food is in their feed.

Celery is a tasty treat for most birds, but if you find they are not interested in celery anymore then do not force it. it might lead them to stop eating other foods which could have bad consequences on health .

What can chickens not eat List!

1.Sugary, Greasy and Fatty Food

We all know that the chickens are not able to digest candy and other sugary treats, which is why it’s so important for us as humans to stop feeding them this type of food.

2.Raw Beans.

he raw beans you may be purchasing at the grocery store are not what they seem.

They contain a harmful toxin called lectins that can make your chicken sick and cause them to die if fed improperly cooked or undercooked beans from dirty processors.

Lectin poisoning is fast-acting, so it’s important to only feed chickens canned bean products with an appropriate preparation method for humans such as boiling or soaking in cold water overnight before cooking because those toxins will have been removed by processing methods like these when preparing human food items safely

3.Mold food.

Mold is poisonous and can cause just about anything. Don’t let your chickens eat moldy food, because they’ll get sick! And be sure you’re always checking the best-by date on foods in case it’s gone bad.

4.Coffee or tea

Ever thought of letting your chickens enjoy a few sips of tea and coffee? It’s not like you’d offer them the real thing, but some people do compost their used cups in their backyard.

5.Avocado (mostly the pit and peel)

Beware the avocado skins and pits! They contain a toxin that is harmful to most animals and of course chickens.

What can chickens eat List!


Fruits  such as bananas, grapes, apples, mango and perhaps strawberries are a fantastic way to feed your chickens. They offer many great nutrients and come from all over the world, giving you an opportunity for variety in their diet that they otherwise wouldn’t have if it were just scratch grains.

Fruit provides so much nutrition as well as flavor! You can buy dried or fresh fruit at any grocery store –


There is a staggering variety of grains to choose from when you are feeding your flock. From corn, wheat or oats, quinoa, and rice- there’s something for everyone! The best part? Feeding them these tasty options won’t cost quite as much over the long run because they will be able to eat more than just meat scraps that have been discarded from other foods.


A diverse and colorful garden can be a delight to the senses. Take vegetables, for example! Most are fine with chickens as they provide an excellent range of good nutrition such as broccoli, carrots, squashes, kale okra etc. These things will get gobbled up quickly if given access so make sure you give them some space in your chicken yard too ????

Conclusion: Can Chickens Eat Celery??

Can Chickens Eat Celery? The real question is: why wouldn’t they want to eat it?! It’s a great source of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. As an added bonus, the leaves are also edible for humans! Feeding your chickens celery can help them get just as much nutrition as possible from their food sources.